AI SEO Playbook

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This is not an ordinary "Act as.... " Prompts.

This is not only a Prompt Guide...

This Guide comes with Workflows and Tools I personally used to Grow my Website Traffic.

In this guide you will understand how you can use ChatGPT like your Intern.

What You will Get:

  1. ChatGPT prompts to Improve SEO of your Blog
  2. ChatGPT Prompts to Organize your Workflow
  3. ChatGPT Prompts to Categorize your Blog Posts
  4. ChatGPT Prompts to Organize Link Building
  5. ChatGPT Prompts to Plan your Content
  6. ChatGPT Prompts to Analyze and Audit your Blog
  7. ChatGPT Prompts to Write Catchy Blog Titles
  8. ChatGPT Prompts to Ajust Tone and Rewrite the Blog
  9. Worflows to Land 1st Page of Google. (a real case study of me).
  10. and more...

Also, I will be updating this File as we go along..

(so make sure to check for the latest one always)

Here is a Quick Sneak Peek.

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Prompts and Workflows of how to master SEO using AI

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AI SEO Playbook

136 ratings
I want this!